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“Traveling the world to escape and survive, living a life of fear and courage, now in her 80’s, Yvonne Carson-Cardozo, for the first time, reveals her hidden heart-wrenching memories. My heart was broken open as I read Silence and Secrets, an inspirational memoir of a brave woman who persevered through horrific times.”        
                − Mari J. Frank, Esq. author From Victim to Victor

"The pitch-dark trail, so narrow, is almost invisible on the crest of the mountain.  Young Yvonne is injured, hungry, and so exhausted that she walks in a stupor, well aware that one wrong step means death from the fall. And going back means death from the Nazis.  What saves her is an indomitable will to overcome and survive, and the courage of some truly humane individuals whose sense of morality could not be twisted. This beautifully told story will inform you, intrigue you, and generate hope that evil can ultimately be defeated."
   - Rochelle Dreeben, author of One Dark Night

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