About the Author

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Yvonne Carson-Cardozo was twelve years old when she and her family escaped the German occupation in Belgium. As a refugee, she traveled to France, Spain, Jamaica, and West Indies. After moving with her family to Cuba, she eventually joined the Dutch Indonesian Army. After three months of basic and overseas training in the United States, she served in Australia and Indonesia, working in the Netherlands Forces Intelligence Service, deciphering and encoding secret military telegrams.


Following the war, she lived in Belgium, Canada, and finally America, which she has called home for the past fifty-five years. Yvonne has two children and lives in California.


On Veteran’s Day 2013, Yvonne received a Certificate of Recognition as the 2013 Veteran of the Year for the City of Mission Viejo. Yvonne was also recognized by the Senator of the 38th District of the Senate of California and the local congressman of the United States Congress.